Lotus Exige S: Bantam Brit



So many cars these days compromise performance and handling for creature comforts. The 2013 BMW M5 is a case and point. While I love the thing to death, it weighs nearly two tons because it has this and that put in. Continue reading


BMW M4: A High Caliber Weapon

ImageWhen you talk about the M3, you can’t start with the current one, you can’t talk about the last generation, you have to start from the beginning:

The year was 1985, with BMW ramping up their racing, they would soon stumble across one of the most competitive niches to date. They created the M3 with intentions of just qualifying for the races, they needed 5,000 road versions of their ultimate racing machine to be eligible. Later in 1991 they would sell over 17,000 M3’s. Continue reading

Aston Martin Vanquish

I’ve always liked Aston Martin, even if the fondness was subconscious. Somedays I would just find myself not thinking and visiting the Aston website to configure random members of their lineup. I just started looking at the Vanquish, I had known it was out long before but for some reason I started to grace my eyes with its beauty only days ago. I mean there’s no car more beautiful than an Aston. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the only way you won’t see an Aston’s handsomeness, is if you’re blind. Finesse emanates from the Aston, just look at its profile. It’s one of my favorite cars because it has history, and beauty, and gracefulness. It’s a racy GT car, anyone expecting 0-60 in the same time it takes a Bugatti is ignorant. They are missing the point. It’s a car you drive, not just on a track though it’s meant for that, you should take this on a long trip or a scenic drive. You take it out for others to marvel at it too. People know it’s special, yes big Lambo’s are awe inspiring but this is different. It’s the thinking man’s car, though that guy must have been thoughtful of it’s price. It’ll set you back 280 g’s WITHOUT options. Then again it’s hand made and ultra luxurious. Don’t forget pretty. So is it worth it? As the clich√© goes, beauty is rarely cheap.

Aston_Martin-AM_310_Vanquish_2013_1600x1200_wallpaper_29 2013-Aston-Martin-Vanquish-rear-three-quarter-2Image


One of my favorite cars of all time is the SLS by AMG. There are several reasons why I like it but the first for me has to be the fact that it has history. It’s supposed to be the successor to the 300SL(which you can see by the doors) by Mercedes-Benz way back in the 60’s. That car could be considered the very first super car. But then I love it’s face, it just looks like a happy car. I love the fits front-engine rear drive configuration. I love it’s long front end and the noise the motor makes. But my favorite part, is that it’s hand made. The engine is made by one person in the AMG factory and you even get a little plaque in your car with their signature. The frame is 90% hand welded (they use machines for the tricky bits) and all the stitching is by hand. I just get the feeling that it’s well built, because someone put all that time into it. I like how it’s made exclusively by AMG, they are just a subdivision of MB but were let loose to make such a magnificent car by themselves. I also like how it is rear-biased, even though the engine’s up front and the hood is so long. I have a hard time deciding between the roadster or the coupe because of those gullwing doors, but then I think the roadster looks so good with top down as it features a sort of tanneau cover. Then I think getting in and out of the gullwing doors may be a bit hard and undignified, but there’s history there. Now there’s another version of the SLS called the SLS GT. It has an updated gearbox (which before was its only real downfall) and an extra 20hp up from the previous version, so it makes about 583hp. But still the same problem, coupe or roadster? Well, one day when I’m able to afford it (if ever) I guess I’ll decide then. I’d probably end up buying them both.