BMW M4: A High Caliber Weapon

ImageWhen you talk about the M3, you can’t start with the current one, you can’t talk about the last generation, you have to start from the beginning:

The year was 1985, with BMW ramping up their racing, they would soon stumble across one of the most competitive niches to date. They created the M3 with intentions of just qualifying for the races, they needed 5,000 road versions of their ultimate racing machine to be eligible. Later in 1991 they would sell over 17,000 M3’s. Continue reading


SLS Black Series: AMG’s Beast is Back in Black

2014-mercedes-benz-sls-amg-black-series-photo-504146-s-1280x782There are cars our there that go for numbers (Koenigsegg Agera), there are those who aim to hook buyers on their looks (Aston Vanquish), there are cars built for fun driving (Toyota GT86), but very few that embody all of these characteristics. The one I’d say is the best in all those aspects is SLS Black Series. It makes for a visceral, raw driving experience, yet calm and well-mannered as any track car could manage on the street. It can be as fast and ¬†precise like obsidian scalpel it is, cutting through corners and touching the apexes in a way only a handful of cars could hope to. Continue reading

BMW i8: World Debut

I am glad to finally be able to write a full article on the BMW i8. My lifelong affiliation with anything BMW has to do with its history in making good looking, reliable, and fun-to-drive cars. I’ve been waiting for about three years for the i8 to come out. I thought it was a great concept, another classic in the making from a company with a lot of original ideas. I mean when BMW built the original M5 and the original 3 Series they created new niches, niches they’re still on top of today. Continue reading

Pagani Zonda: A Bid Farewell



The Pagani Zonda was a car that captured people’s imaginations. With inner machinations that were elegantly designed as pieces of art on their own and that functioned flawlessly to thrust the thing savagely forward, it was nothing short of being the ultimate car. That title of course is up to debate, but through many iterations and “final” spin-offs, it has managed to be what Lamborghini and Ferrari once were. A company retaining it’s youth and promise, free to make radical and unique cars. A poster any ten year old boy would be proud to have mounted upon his bedroom wall. Just based on how good it was, it would be safe to assume that boy would go on to have that same poster on his wall well into his eighties.

So in essence, you could say that the Zonda was a sort of revolution. Continue reading