Lamborghini Urus: Was ist das?

Lamborghini is known for it’s exotic and powerful cars. They’re also a part of the VW Group. They are probably the most radical car company for it’s size. But they just got even more revolutionary. They have come up with a concept they call the Urus. It is based off Audi’s Q7 platform and will probably have some crazy Lambo engine powering it. Those of us who remember Lambo’s original attempt an SUV, the LM002 a while back was the answer to America’s Hummer. If you knew about that then you probably know that it was pretty much a flop. No space on the inside and it would cost about a million dollars to fuel everytime you stopped, which was about every 5 minutes. So, has Lambo done it this time, have they created a super SUV worthy of competitors like the Porsche Cayenne, or the GL63, or the BMW X5M? We’ll have to wait and see but for now we can only guess.


G-Wagon: What ist das?

2013-Mercedes-Benz-G63-AMG-front-right-side-viewThis is a new type of weekly post I’m doing that I have named What is it? My goal is to try to shed some light on what may be the point to some cars that leave people wondering if there’s even a market for them. My first example is the G-Wagon, a car that some people might understand or hopefully respect. It doesn’t matter what trim it’s in G550, G63,G65, they’re all pretty bad-ash (as Sean Connery might say). First trim, G550, you’ve got a 5.5L V8 with 382 hp along with 391 lb/ft of torque which gets you to 60 in 6 seconds dead. Next up its the G63, an AMG tuned G-Class that gets some massive power. 561hp with 560 lb/ft of torque from a 5.5L V8 Biturbo. That’ll get you to 60 in 5.5 seconds. Finally you have the most lucrative, the G65. The THUNDEROUS 6.0L V12 produces 612 hp with 738 lb/ft of torque. You’re up to 60 in just 5.1 seconds. So, it all sounds great but you happen to get out of your G-Class ( this part is hypothetical for writing purposes) and you might say to yourself, “wow the looks of this car are a bit reserved (if you’re putting it nicely)”. I can attest to this as my first glimpse of the car held no inspiration or admiration in any form. Later it started to gradually grow on me. I mean some people don’t like boxy but what you have to understand is that it really is for functionality, specifically for visibility. It is an off-roading car, 33 years ago Mercedes began production of these babies, but for the military. The G in G-Class is Gelaendewagen meaning something like “tough vehicle”. It’s got 3 sequential locking differentials and rigid axles front and rear. That’s pretty cool in my mind. It’s got nice leather, A/C, LED lights,Cameras, Blind Spot Detection, and many other luxuries. So is it a luxury SUV or an off-loading icon? I think it’s a nice blend of both, its well built (pretty much all hand welded) and very comfortable so I see a rough and tough car that has been forgotten and probably will unfortunately  never sell as well as other production vehicles today.          2013-Mercedes-Benz-G63-AMG-front-badge