Quant E-Sports Limousine: Big Name, Big Power


Let’s start off with some performance figures from some “conventional” hyper cars.

Bugatt Veyron Supersports- HP 1200,  Torque 1,100ft/lbs,    0-60 2.6sec, Top Speed  263 mph

Pagani Huayra- HP 720,  Torque740 ft/lbs,  0-60  3.3sec, Top Speed  231mph

Koenigsegg Agera One:1- HP 1,314,  Torque 1011 ft/lbs,  0-60 2.8sec, Top Speed 273 mph

McLaren P1- HP 903,  Torque 722 ft/lbs, 0-60 2.8sec, Top Speed 217mph

So they’re all amazingly fast and they all have insane performance figures. But take a gander and the latest in car technology; the Quant E-Sports Limousine. Made by a company called nanoFlowCell based in Lichtenstein (how awesome is that?!), the Quant E uses a whole new type of technology. The company has managed to come up with an alternative fuel that nobody has thought of before.

What makes up 75% of the Earth? Saltwater. nanoFlowCell has managed to obtain electricity from a three tank system that uses saltwater with positively charged electrolytes in one tank and negatively charged ones in another, and through mixing them electricity shoots out. I won’t say I completely understand the nuances and intricate specifics of how this system works, but I can tell you IT WORKS. 910hp for a EV is crazy as well as having four motors, but you’ve seen the Rimac Concept One before as well as the SLS Electric. But the torque this thing makes is unlike any other. 8,552 ft/lbs. That’s not a typo. 8,552 ft/lbs of torque. That makes roughly 2,100 ft.lbs per electric motor. One wheel of this car makes twice the amount of torque of a Bugatti Veyron. Just let that sink in. Tires are probably shredded instantaneously. Good thing it’s four wheel drive.



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