Agera S Hundra: The Scary Swede


One Hundred. It’s a number with multiple associations. That’s how old Aston Martin is this year, that’s about how many thousand dollars it would take to buy a new SL-Class Mercedes, and now it’s the number of total Koenigseggs produced. Continue reading


BMW M4: A High Caliber Weapon

ImageWhen you talk about the M3, you can’t start with the current one, you can’t talk about the last generation, you have to start from the beginning:

The year was 1985, with BMW ramping up their racing, they would soon stumble across one of the most competitive niches to date. They created the M3 with intentions of just qualifying for the races, they needed 5,000 road versions of their ultimate racing machine to be eligible. Later in 1991 they would sell over 17,000 M3’s. Continue reading