New S-Class

There are many cars segments out there, like compact sport sedans, luxury gt’s, super car four-doors. But the luxury limousine originates with Mercedes, their S-Class is what started it all. No car is as well-equipped, elegant, or expensive as the S-Class. It wafts along the road as if it were on a cloud. Its competitors are the Bentley Continental and the Rolls Royce Phantom (or Wraith they’re all pretty close). The Audi A8 and BMW 7-Series are competitors as well. When ever a new S-Class comes out, it’s a big deal. I mean I’ve heard stuff like the Nav-Assisted Transmission in the Wraith (it uses a GPS to figure out the surrounding terrain and will change gears according to things like hills or turns that are coming up), but a car that scans the road and prepares the suspension before the bumps happen? Heated arm rests, all LED, 1,540 watt Burmester audio, auto-adjusting headlights and tail lamps. Air Freshener built in including 5 different scents.I’d say that it is definitely for people who are tech savvy. But the best part is that it is fully capable of being completely autonomous. It won’t use the technology yet, due to legislation, but MB is way ahead of BMW and Audi who estimate autonomous vehicles to be ready by 2020.Image

The Good Ol’ Days

Automobiles have been around for a little over a hundred years, I hope they stay with us for another hundred at least. Cars today are most likely better than those of the early 1900’s. But what about the 50’s and 60’s? A lot of people are into that specific time period as styling for cars back then is arguably better than those today. Racing history was at its best, you had all these beautiful cars. The DBR1, the 250 Testa Rossa, the 300 SLR, the Shelby Daytona Coupe, the GT40, the Jaguar D-Type and the E-Type (there was a lightweight version for racing). As I said, some of the best cars that you could think of. Beyond racing you had the 300SL, the BMW 507 (one of the most beautiful cars ever made), Aston Martin DB5, the Corvette,Corvette_FX

1962_ferrari_250_gto-pic-29394 Ferrari 250 California, the Lambo Muira, you had Austin Healey’s, pretty much the coolest cars around. Of course you have cool cars today, but I am not quite sure they could even match the charm of the cars of the 60’s. AstonMartinDBR1


Benz’s GLA Concept

Car companies these days fall victim to their own success, they make one niche and then go on to make so many more, until they’ve exhausted every thing. They also come up with stupid names for them. Sport activity coupe, really? Not to say that they shouldn’t explore new ideas, but it gets old when they change the styling of a vehicle and say how they have reinvented it. They also misname cars too, cars that could be O.K. if you bought them knowing what they were intended for. For Example, there’s the Audi All-Road. You’d think with its name and it’s visible skid plates that it would be for off-roading. Wrong. If you did that the plates would be scratched and ti would look terrible. So, why didn’t the name it something else? I don’t know, but what I do know is that there’s something out there, amongst all the misnomers and strange niches. Continue reading