How To Get Your First Car

How To Get Your First Car


            You’re holding that small plastic rectangle up for the world to see in your right hand while your left is pumping to the sound of victory, “Here’s your driver’s license”. You walk out of the DMV with a swagger that emanates the fact that you had just gotten your license. You ask your father if you could drive home and he politely responds in the way you had expected, “No”. So proud license holder, what will you do now? Scrounge your whole house for change, break all your piggy banks, plead with your parents for money to buy your first car?


Maybe you should research it first. That way you can impress your parents, thus earning respect and showing them you are serious. If you’re serious then they might lend you some cash. Great web tools for car research are Kelly Blue Book and You should pick at least five or so vehicles which you can then eliminate until you find the right one. They don’t have to be all in the same sort of niche either, one could be an SUV and another a coupe. Keep your choices reasonable and you should be on your way.


And so the search begins. Your quest to find the best car will not go unchallenged, yet against all odds and perils you will succeed. You mustn’t get discouraged in the face of defeat, whether it be a dealership that doesn’t offer the kinds of cars you hoped it would, or if you haven’t got the money yet, do your best to stay positive. Be sure to check newspaper ads and keep your head on a swivel. There are even online listings you can check and if you really get desperate there’s always Craigslist or Ebay.


The next step is a bit more demanding. For this next phase you need to be aware of car dealerships and other sellers. They are the places where you will find your car. Before you go, you have to learn to haggle, or bargain, to get the fairest price. The basics of haggling are simple; you ask for a lower price then you are willing to pay, wait for the dealer to talk to their manager and then listen to the seller’s price and normally you might split the difference. You want to ask for the lower price because the seller will want to raise it and won’t normally say yes right then and their. If you want to go even lower you have to be willing to go in the dealership at the end of the month to buy because the dealers are looking to sell more cars to keep their jobs.  Another tactic to help you buy a car at a lower price is cash, paper currency. People like having cash at the deal; it’s instant and it shows you mean business. It’s especially good if you decide not buy from a dealership but from a person because they like having it go directly into their pocket.


            Did you absorb all that? You, a smart and industrious teen, now have the tools to get that ride you’ve always been wanting. So long as you remember what you just read about you will be successful in your endeavors to find the right car. Keeping saving and when you finally get into that car and your dad would like to drive, you can say pleasantly, “No”.