BMW M6 Gran Coupe


There’s been a lot of speculation on BMW’s new M6 Gran Coupe. Is it a better looking version of an M5 or in its own niche? Does it make the M5 obsolete? Where is BMW headed and what is the future of the M division? Is it even worth the time and money for buyers or BMW?

In my own opinion I like the idea of the M6 GC, I mean it looks nice, it’s no parts bin job (it does share the same engine from the M5 and regular M6 but it’s got its own diffusor along with other assorted parts), and I’ve always liked the 6 series and the M6. A GT with 500 plus horsepower that gets it from 0-60 in about 4.2 seconds (without launch control), electronic locking differential, light alloy wheels, carbon fiber roof, LED headlamps, etc. That’s sounds nice, but this new car adds something to that list, practicality. Now you might be thinking, “Well what’s the point of having extra room and 2 more doors if this thing is meant to be sporty?”. Well, if you’re rich enough to own one an M6, why not spend an extra 20k or so on something that allow you to haul your rich pals or your kids? It still has BMW Individual options and a beautiful interior. Also that extra length to the wheel base stretches the body and makes the car’s appearance more lithe and flowing.

If you were curious about the extra items that come with the M6 GC you may be happy to know that it gets its own set of alloy wheels (mainly just painted a different color), a length increase (obviously), a third brake light on the back lip of the roof, a unique diffusor, and it also takes the paint Silverstone as its marketing color (and it actually looks nice).

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