Quant E-Sports Limousine: Big Name, Big Power


Let’s start off with some performance figures from some “conventional” hyper cars.

Bugatt Veyron Supersports- HP 1200,  Torque 1,100ft/lbs,    0-60 2.6sec, Top Speed  263 mph

Pagani Huayra- HP 720,  Torque740 ft/lbs,  0-60  3.3sec, Top Speed  231mph

Koenigsegg Agera One:1- HP 1,314,  Torque 1011 ft/lbs,  0-60 2.8sec, Top Speed 273 mph

McLaren P1- HP 903,  Torque 722 ft/lbs, 0-60 2.8sec, Top Speed 217mph

So they’re all amazingly fast and they all have insane performance figures. But take a gander and the latest in car technology; the Quant E-Sports Limousine. Continue reading


4 Series Gran Coupe: Names and Niches

Okay, today in the car world there are so many different types of car. Coupes, cabriolets, sedans, SUVs you may know about, but what about laundrolets, four-door coupes, or SACs? Laundrolets were really only made by the late Maybach company. It was a convertible limousine that the roof only folded down at the very back. Four-door coupes are a relatively new niche formed by Mercedes copied by Audi and BMW. Basically it’s a sedan with a  swoopier roof for added style. They do look quite splendid, but at the price of practicality. SAC or sport activity coupe is a niche created by BMW that is basically a coupe version of a SUV. It’s practicality is drastically reduced but the overall style is improved. The BMW dominates the niche (of which there are few competitors) with their X6. With so many crazy niches that are always being filled car enthusiasts cry out to auto manufacturers to just stop. I can definitely say in BMWs case this is especially true since today, they released the 4 Series Gran Coupe. So you thought that the 6 Series GC was confusing (a sedan based on a coupe based on a sedan architecture). Well BMW seemingly has thrown sense out the window and broken off from their “coupes are even numbers and 4-doors are odd numbers” naming scheme with this new one. It is not only a sedan version of a coupe based on the 3 Series sedan, but it’s also a hatchback. Think about it for a second though, BMW has said coupes are even numbers. What if they are talking about the lines rather than the number of doors? The 4 GC is a coupe in style terms so maybe it still makes sense. I know that BMW has all these models and even the GT 3 and 5 Series, but I feel like they have something for everyone now. The GTs are the opposite of form  over function, but for some people that’s good. With this new 4 GC I think they hit a sweet spot. They haven’t just restyled the 3 series sedan, but with the new lift-gate, made it more practical. I can’t wait to see an M version. The front fascia of the regular 4 Series never got me excited but this car’s body with an M4 face, what a dream! Not to mention it’s screaming six. Image